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MMD - I Can Fly Motion DL (from Final Fantasy X) by BryanRush MMD - I Can Fly Motion DL (from Final Fantasy X) by BryanRush
Here is a video experiment of motions success:…

The motions are not easy to use, so I put some instruction in the zip file you must read or you will fail the result something like skydome's appearance, magic spell effects, anyway you must read if you want the whole animation success.

You have to read carefully about the skydome texture, magic spells, floor physics and models arrangement, all already list in instruction files, there are 2 files (one is .txt and one is .jpg), skydome model and .wav sound provide, and remember your models must have mother bone & groove bone, if not motions 100% fail 

Rules are simple
-don't redistribute motions download, but you can share out this page, so they will know they need to read the instructions.
-credit me if used the motions on video for public, so people will know who originally made these motions.

Motions DL at right side of the page.

for skydome's texture, rename in sky.bmp, textures can be found from:

magic spells DL: (for this don't credit me)

Hope you success, enjoy~

models used from this picture: Roxas & Namine by kazuki9484
stage: clock gear stage
motions by animefancy-mmd
Models (c) Square Enix
Josefbajarias Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2014
what i need for my OC thanks!Yuuki Bowing Icon 
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:iconraditzplz::iconsaysplz:I'll be taking this! yoink!
Hananoaoi Featured By Owner May 4, 2014
Thank you!!!
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